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Booking a program for your needs is very simple, here we have showcased so many yoga sessions which are going to be done under the guidance of master trainers trained by Yogacharya Dhakaram and when you click it you shall find full details about the session. It’s quite easy to book and pay for the program
of your choice and need. We tried to keep this process automise, once you
book the program you shall receive an automated mail for joining the link of the session booked by you. After this take the screenshot of the bookings done by you, bring the screenshot to the center to show the same to our front desk manager. Our good wishes for joining the journey of Health to Happiness.

Ekam Yoga is making sure that we are maintaining proper safety measures at the center. You can also have a look at the center through the video below which will give you complete satisfaction with the safety provisions.

  • 1 Month yoga sessions
  • 1 Hour sessions daily
  • Interactive sessions
  • Posture guidance and support
  • Create a place where you can practice yoga.
  • Internet connection must be robust.
  • Keep your phone/laptop fully charged.
  • Keep a water bottle next to you.
  • Wear comfortable clothes during the sessions.
  • Roll out your yoga mats for the sessions.
  • Fix your Phone/Laptop & set frame for better visibility of trainers video.
  • Make sure you are not interrupted by any phone calls during the sessions.
  • Kindly inform if you have any medical problem or if you are a pregnant lady
  • We will be unavailable during Internet Shutdown by Government.
  • No Online session on Sunday and National Holidays.
  • Keep mic OFF during Session.
  • Be ready ten (10) minutes prior to online sessions. 
  • All sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable. Links provided are single user of the session may not be shared.
  • A full payment is required to register for any of the above programs.
  • All clients should have a unique online email address. Friends and family should not share the same email address.
  • Our effort is made to hold class on time. In any situation, if the session time is changed, a prior notification shall be provided to you.
  • Clients shall notify the trainer of any previous injury, illness, or conditions that may impact their daily practice.

In case of any cancellation no refund will be provided

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