Terms & Conditions

What is the refund policy?

There are no such refunds on any offline courses unless we cancel the course. This is because we make a decision as to whether or not to hold a course based upon enrolment. We only incur expenses, once we have committed.
For online study courses, there are no refunds. Once someone has the materials, we can’t refund fees because we have upheld our commitment by providing the learning materials.

Where are you located?

Our locations, along with a map, are found on our page…….

What if one needs more time to complete my yoga course?

Although we make sure to give sufficient time to all our students. Still if one needs more than the allotted time to complete your online course, one must purchase a course extension.

What is the teaching format for Yoga for online courses?

Online students receive the materials related to the different topics and section through mails. The program materials are designed as a guide to give you all the material you need. A timeline is provided about the course to make sure you track yourself like how many hours or minutes you are spending on Yoga. After the completion of the course, an examination is conducted to make sure you have proper knowledge about the course. Soon after the results, we do provide a certificate for the same.

When is the next Yoga course?

You can take the online course anytime. There are different levels in yoga. You can reach out to us for further courses.

Do we provide any certification?

Yes. Ekam Yoga is affiliated from YCB, Ayush Ministry, after the completion of the course we do provide the certificate.