Father's Day Combo Offer for Parents

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₹ 499 - ₹ 4799

Third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father's Day, but Ekam Yoga celebrate whole June month as Father's Day. Here is offer to get complementary session for your parents on booking an Improve Eye Sight & Meditation session for you on discounted price

Sessions Single Session One Week Monthy Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly
Tratak Mindful – Meditation 499 1497 2121 4117
Yoga for Parents 499 1497 2121 4117
Total: 998.00 2,994.00 4,242.00 8,234.00
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₹ 499


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₹ 4799

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Father's Day Combo Offer for Parents Program

Improve Eye Sight & Meditation is an special session to improve your eye-sight and do some meditation. This session is specially designed to increase your focus and concentration. Now a days every human have more screen time due to dependency on mobile and computer, this session release your eye stress and rejuvenate you. Part of this session covers tailored meditation and every week there is variation in kind of meditation. This session is conducted weekly twice Tuesday & Thursday.

Session details- 
Here's what you can expect:

  1. Complementry session for your parents for the same duration what you book for yourself.
  2. Engage in energizing 1-hour sessions tailored to your unique needs, helping you achieve your eye fitness goals and find inner balance.
  3. Brace your parents for an extraordinary one hour everyday yoga wellness program, a continuous flow of yoga practices designed to ignite parents mind, body, and soul.
  4. This combo will not only rejuvenate you will bring wellness for parents and rejuvenate them too.
  5. Combo of two session
    • Tratak Meditation

    • Yoga for Parents

To up the excitement, we're providing complementry Wellness for Parents session. Offer can booked during whole JUNE month and you can choose duration too from one month to one year. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to book this combo offe, we assure you this can bring change in your life.

This is never before offer and maximum saving.


  1. A trans-formative experience for your mind, body, and soul.
  2. Elevate your practice with personalized guidance.
  3. Improve your fitness and flexibility for optimal health.
  4. Unwind, attain inner peace, and reduce stress through mindfulness.
  5. Forge connections and establish bonds with fellow yogis in a supportive community.
  6. Make self-care and well-being a priority.
  7. Find enduring inspiration for your journey towards yoga mastery.
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Flexes Your Body
Boosts your willpower
Helps to burns fats
Energizes the whole body
Reduces stress
Calms your mind