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    English language proficiency

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    Phone, computer or laptop

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    Place to practice

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    Fast internet connection

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    Minimum 1 year of teaching experience

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    Yoga mat

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    You must be a YCB certified trainer


Are you ready to discover the joy of teaching online?



I am interested in teaching, how should I get started?

Please enter your email address on this website. https://ekamyoga.com/. We will send you an email to kickstart the process! You can also email us your resume to ekamyogacare@gmail.com.


How long is a session?

A session is 55 minutes which includes about 50 minutes of practice with about 5 minutes of opening and closing.


How do I communicate with the students?

You can communicate with a student using chat feature inside the app. You will not have access to student’s email address or phone number. Please do not request the student’s email address or phone number without prior permission from Ekamyoga team.

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