Yoga Protocol Instructor 250 Hrs Offline YTTP

  • Introduction and study of Patanjala Yoga Sutra including memorization of selected Sutras (Chapter I- 1-12).                                                                                                 
  • Concept of mental wellbeing according to Patanjala Yoga.                                                   
  • Yogic practices of Patanjala Yoga: Bahiranga and Antaranga Yoga.
  • Introduction and study of Hathpradipika.                                                                                               
  • Concepts and principles of Aahara (Diet) in Hathapradipika and Bhagawadgita …..(Mitahara and Yuktahara).                                              
  • Significance of Hatha Yoga practices in health and well-being.                                                           
  • Importance of subjective experience in daily Yoga practice.
  • Brief  introduction  to  human  body
  • Meaning  and  Means  of  health  promotion  and  role  of  Yoga  in  health  promotion.
  • Dincharya  and  Ritucharya  with  respect  to  Yogic  life  style.
  • Yogic  positive  attitudes  (  Maîtri,  Karuna,  Mudita,  Upeksha)
  • Yoga  in  prevention  of  metabolic  and  respiratory  disorders.
  • Holistic  approach  of  Yoga  towards  health  and  diseases.
  • Introduction  to  First  aid  and  Cardio  Pulmonary  Resuscitation  (CPR).
  • Yogic  management  of  stress  and  its  consequences.      
  • Concept  of  bhavas  (Dharma,  Jnana,  Vairagya,  Aishvarya)  and  their  relevance  in  well-being.                      
  • Yoga  for  personality  development.

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