Popular Yoga Styles for Optimum Health and Fitness

Nowadays, more and more people are moving towards Yoga and that’s obviously a great thing for their health. Doing regular yoga helps one in increasing flexibility, lessening stress, and promoting physical fitness and overall wellness. It is considered as an amazing body-mind activity with which anyone can get relaxation due to breath works required for different poses of yoga. But how would you know which one should you practise and opt for?

Being the best Yoga Studio in Jaipur, we at Ekam Yoga will share the details regarding the different styles of yoga that is popular among people regardless of their size, age and backgrounds. But it is essential that you examine what is more important to you while doing yoga practice: Do you want to do something gentler and meditative? Or does sweaty athletic exercise sounds more engaging to you?

Types of Yoga You Can Go For


Vinyasa Yoga is a combination of rhythmic breathing and a series of floating asanas that provides an active mind-body exercise. In this exercise, breath gets linked to movements and it is quickly paced as well as continuously changing that is good for the one who is seeking something energetic and athletic.


In precision and style, Ashtanga is very similar to Vinyasa due to the fact both links breath to movement. In Ashtanga a particular sequence of poses is followed in the definite order every time that is perfect for someone who is looking for a predictable exercise. However, it is best for those who are used to dynamic exercise and is not for the one who is just starting something more active.


In Hatha Yoga almost every yoga style is included that is a mixture of physical poses and breathworking. Although, it also involves a basic introduction of yoga postures for beginners or the one who is looking towards more relaxation and stretching. 


Kundalini Yoga is more centred towards movements with breath along with meditation and chanting. This practice focuses on the awakening of each one among seven chakras that are present in the whole body. Also, it is dedicated to awareness about the energy in both mind and body.


Jivamukti Yoga includes meditation, Sanskrit chanting, Asanas, Pranayam that also has theme lessons on the classes. If you are looking for something challenging plus highly meditative then consider trying this one.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is more active variation of Hatha Yoga Poses. The exercises included in it are performed swiftly that requires more upper body workout. Besides the pattern of the poses or exercises are not similar. So if you are the one seeking for an extreme workout then this is the one you should prefer.

Yin Yoga

While doing Yin Yoga you will encounter both passive poses for some time and meditation and relaxing on the other time that is the reason it is also known as Yin/Restorative Style of Yoga. It works on lengthening the connective tissues present in the body which mainly target the muscle strength empowerment.


The Bikram Yoga class that you will attend everywhere will be the same. It is not recommended for the one who is sensitive to heat because it is practised in the 40.6 degrees heated room for 90 minutes in a set of 26 different poses. And if you are seeking for more disciplined yoga practice then you should go for this one, but make sure to keep yourself hydrated.


Iyenger is a careful yoga style that gives importance to accurate yoga forms. In the Iyenger class, you will be given several yoga props that helps the individual in finding a precise alignment of the body. It is perfect for the one that are suffering from chronic conditions and injuries as the best yoga teacher in Jaipur will provide you with accurate instructions and yoga knowledge.


Sivananda Yoga is primarily based on five principles of yoga that includes exercise, diet, relaxation, breathing as well as positive thinking that aims to provide a healthy yogic lifestyle. There are 12 basic variations or poses in the practice of Sivananda that involves savasana and sun salutations.


At Ekam Yoga you will find several different styles of yoga that you can go for proficiently while learning and practising it under the guidance of our experienced yoga instructors that checks your body capability and suggests you the asanas that are best for your health.

Apart from this, you can also go for the certification or diploma courses that are offered here so that you can become a talented yoga teacher or open your own yoga institute. We aim to incorporate yoga into your life so that you can understand the connection between your mind, soul and body while having a deeper understanding of yourself. Besides with you can easily stay fit, active and healthy both mentally and physically.

If you are the one who is starting yoga for the first time then make sure to come in classes with an open mind and without any expectations as each and every session will surprise you and you will also enjoy yourself there thoroughly.


All You Need To Know About Yoga

The first question that arrives in the mind of beginners is ‘what is the purpose of yoga and why is it so popular?’ So let me inform you that Yoga is a set of poses and stretches that one does with breathing techniques. You can get the most amazing benefit while doing yoga regularly.  Due to the fact that yoga is so tender anyone can practise it regardless of their age.

We at Ekam Yoga that has best yoga classes in Jaipur offers several yoga programs for the individuals who want to get trained in it and also certifies them so that they can be a professional yoga instructor or open their own yoga class studio. Yoga also helps people in acknowledging the connection they have between their mind, soul and body efficiently.

There are several yoga styles that you would come across in which some are intense while others are relaxing. It doesn’t matter which manner you choose to practise it is a great way to stretch and empowering your body, unwinding your spirit and concentrating your mind.

Major Benefits of Yoga

Now let’s discuss the benefits or advantages yoga offers the person who does it on a daily basis. Yoga makes your body more flexible and stronger than it was ever before. It is the best way to stay active and balanced. Besides, it also helps in staying more centred and observant. Similar to these, yoga also helps in certain health conditions such as:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Less Mobility
  • Headaches, Tension or Stress
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Trouble Breathing

Why Yoga is Popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of yoga is its gentle movements. One can easily change their way of exercising based on their needs. It is good for people who haven’t been active for long. And if you’re already a fit person then you can try intensive yoga postures that would definitely be challenging for you but you will admire it. The person who has transformed into a flexible and powerful one with the help of yoga. You can easily do other exercises like swimming or dancing. Apart from all of this, yoga will also help you out in the following way:

Reduce Stress

By yoga, you can efficiently calm your mind by releasing endorphin hormone through stretching and meditation that makes you feel better.

Decrease Risk of Injury

Each and every yoga pose target distinct muscles that enhance your flexibility while reducing the chances of injuries.

Enhance Stamina & Strength

If you are continuously practising yoga it will day by day improve your body’s strength and enhances the stamina.

Improve your Concentration

The core element of yoga is balanced & focused breathing that helps in increasing your concentration so that you can work throughout the day and provide amazing results.

Develop Body Awareness

While doing yoga you have to make sure to use certain muscle as you stretch in a pose by which you can easily know the weakness and strength of your body in a matter of time.

Understanding the mind and body connection

In Yoga, it is required to centre all your energy while performing any pose or asanas that aware you about the connection and working between your mind and body.

Corrects Posture of Body

Yoga opens the tense areas of the body like your muscles of lower back and shoulders through which your body can easily improve its posture.

Give a better Stability and Balance

At the time you use your core muscles for doing balancing exercises it easily advances your body’s overall stability. 

How to Get Started?

With the help of the expert yoga therapist in Jaipur who are available in Ekam Yoga, you can easily learn all the asanas you need to do. They will help you in picking out the right set of yoga poses depending upon the fitness of your body. If you have any health issues going on or had an injury before or are suffering from a recent injury, NEVER forget to inform your yoga instructor about the same. That will help them to let you know about the poses you need to avoid.

Give Yoga a Try

If you want to get fit and strong body while staying away from the stress then give a try to yoga.  It will prevent the risk of any disease by powering your overall body functions and system. Besides, it will keep your mind at ease that will help you to be more productive in your work than ever. And soon you will start to discover more benefits yoga has on your mind, soul and body health. So stop waiting for the right time and enrol at the best yoga centre – Ekam Yoga and strive for progress.

You can also choose the type of yoga you want to practise based on your choice. Some of the popular yoga people go for are Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyenger Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kripalu Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Each one of them has different health and spiritual benefits with distinct poses.