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Do you aspire to open a Yoga studio or take Yoga as a full-time career option? Then you have landed at the right place. At Ekam Yoga we believe that Yoga is practiced for various reasons, a healthy and a stress free life is one of the major reasons. Not just that, a lot of people have started taking Yoga as a full time career option.

Our sole purpose is to give proper guidance and training to aspiring Yoga instructors. At Ekam Yoga we provide you state of the art infrastructure, peaceful environment and guidance of veteran Yoga instructors to achieve your goals. Ekam Yoga not just gives you an opportunity to become a general Yoga instructor but a professional Yoga therapist too.

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Our Yoga Training Programs

Our training program is divided into two courses: Basic and Advanced. In the basic training program you will set foot to begin your Yoga journey and by the end of the program you will be a certified Yoga instructor. The advanced training program includes more classes, guest lectures and workshops apart from the basic training program.

Advanced training sessions are conducted by our lead teachers. They teach hacks of performing an asana in an absolutely correct manner. Apart from that, Yoga Anatomy and Physiology is also discussed in details. Once you complete the advanced training program, you automatically get an opportunity to become a Yoga Therapist. Yoga therapist training is all about knowing the usage of Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve mental and physical health.

Post this program you will have knowledge of curing certain ailments and lifestyle diseases through Yoga. Becoming a Yoga therapist does a greater good to the society as lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure problems, asthma, etc have entered almost every household. With our advanced training sessions you will be groomed into professional Yoga therapists.

Personal Grooming Program: In this program students are taught to carry themselves with dignity and sophistication. Looks, conversation skills, public speaking, confidence building everything is worked upon in detail.

The best part is our course completion certificate is not just recognised in India but all over the world!

Samprati Singhvi:

A visionary who quite in time understood that there is an urgent need of treating certain diseases and ailments through Yoga. He is a business owner with entrepreneurial and social change trailblazer.
Yoga as a career option is supremely dignified. Be a Yoga Therapist or a Yoga instructor with Ekam Yoga to be the best Yoga instructor. At Ekam Yoga we expose you to the best of amenities and atmosphere. The Yoga instructors at Ekam Yoga possess all the skills required to turn a normal student into a professional Yoga therapist.

Yogachrya dhakram:

An ardent learner and dedicated guru, Dhakaram ji is a prominent personality who lives Yoga. He has made his mark by ending a gold medalist two times internationally; has earned the national award many a times. We take great pride in saying that his training methods are quite real and innovative.

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