Do You Want To Be A Yoga Entrepreneur?

The thought that ‘can yoga be turned into a full time career or not?’ crosses the minds of almost everyone who wants to pursue yoga as a career option. As yoga educators, we want to break the myth ‘that it’s impossible to create a career through yoga’. Yoga, in fact, can be such a career option which is not just sustainable, fulfilling but pays the bills too!

So, if you want to be a yoga-preneur you have landed at the right place. The ones who have taken yoga as a full-time career option are no different than you. It’s just that they know more about the universal truths of yoga business. They have invested time, money and efforts and have amped up their creativity and yogic genius.

Here at Ekam Yoga we offer basic and advance yoga training classes. Basic Yoga Teacher Teaching Program fulfils the requirements of a standard yoga teacher. This is for those who are at the beginning of the yoga path and want to be trained as a certified yoga instructor.

Our Offerings

Basic Yoga Therapy Master (BYTM)

Teachings with strong core learnings and focused on proper alignment.
• In-Depth Practical knowledge of Yoga;
• Basic learning of Yoga Therapy (without Props) to treat various health issues;
• Study of Human Anatomy & its Physiology;
• Explanation of Vedic mantras and Yogic Texts (Patanjal Yoga Sutra, Hathpradipika, Bhagwad Geeta etc.);
• Teaching Practice, Personality Development leads to holistic development;
• Learning is emphasized on Physical, Mental and Spiritual Growth;
• Career oriented training;
• World Class Infrastructure & Amenities;
• Placement Assistance.
YCB Level 1 (YPI) Curriculum Included (Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India)

Details for upcoming batch

Basic Yoga Therapy Master :
Starting date - 11 May 2020
Ending date - 14 June 2020
Course Duration - 5 weeks/250 hrs
Fees - 42,000 Rs.

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Last date to apply is 20.April.2020


35 Days

250 Hours

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Fitness Yoga Coach (FYC)

Advanced Yoga Practices

• Learn various patterns of Sun salutations;
• Adaptations of Tai-Chi in Yoga;
• Learn various meditative techniques and guided relaxation;
• Diet Chart Designing;
• Research based techniques to deal fat loss and muscle building;
• Aesthetic way of teaching yoga;
• Enhance strength and stamina by activating brain cells;
• Precise and detailed corrections.

YCB Level 2 (YWI) Curriculum Included (Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India)
Details for upcoming batch

Fitness Yoga Coach Training :
Starting date - 15 June 2020
Ending date - 19 July 2020
Course Duration - 5 weeks/250 hrs
Fees - 52,000 Rs.
According to regulations of Ministry of AYUSH


35 Days (5 weeks)

250 Hours

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Advanced Yoga Therapy Master (AYTM)

Yoga therapy training with Props

• Learn therapy on the principles of Guru B.K.S. Iyengar (with Props)
• Detailed study of Anatomy, Physiology.
• Yoga Philosophy (Shad darshan), Narrative study Ayurveda, Yogic Texts.
• Study concept of mental hygiene, its diagnosis & yogic treatment
• Learning Disease Management (Acute & Chronic)
• Opportunity to treat patients, and various workshops
• Personality Development Sessions & Holistic Development
• Placement Assurance with Ekam Yoga
Yoga therapies includes treatment through yoga which includes proper use of props,
aerial hammock, Vedic science, etc.
Details for upcoming batch
Advance Yoga Therapy Master:

Starting date - 20 July 2020
Ending date - 9 Sept 2020
Course Duration - 7 weeks
and minimum 150 Hours of practicum = 500hrs
Fees - 75,000 Rs.


110 Days

500 Hours

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Advanced Yoga Teaching Program

The Advanced Yoga Teaching Program includes yoga alignment session with our expert teachers. Within this program, lectures and workshops on Yoga Anatomy and Physiology are also conducted.

Here is how you can begin your journey without any inhibitions:

1. Enrol In a professional Yoga training program: It would do no good to you and to others unless you enrol under a professional yoga training program and become a certified yoga instructor first. At Ekam Yoga, we offer various Yoga training programs like :

  • Basic and Advanced Training programs
  • Therapy Yoga
  • Therapist Training
  • Body Anatomy and
  • Personal Grooming


Here is how you can enrol in our most sought out courses.


2. Pick Your Niche: It gets even better when you train yourself for a distinct niche. You will definitely gain more clarity of your business and offering when you know whom you are meant to serve. At Ekam Yoga, we understand this and that is why, we have categorised training programs like:

  • Regular Yoga: Includes detailed study of human body and its functioning, emphasis is laid on precision and performance of the various Asanas
  • Slimming Yoga: focuses on Yoga Saunas specified for fat burn.
  • Expert Yoga: focuses on gaining specialised knowledge of yoga equipments/props. Yoga therapies to treat chronic diseases, bone misalignment, muscle breakdown, nervous treatments etc.
  • Yoga Instructor: This program majorly focuses on ‘how to teach’ yoga.

3. Don’t quit your day job: You don’t need to immediately leave everything and begin your path of being a yoga instructor. You need to have a sustainable second income option


4. Never Stop Learning: Your art of yoga can be polished only by consistently investing time, money and effort into your craft. Don’t stop learning, it pays off!

Body Anatomy

As a yoga instructor, one must understand body anatomy and functioning of body. As a part of yoga teacher training program, we give knowledge on body anatomy by our experts. We give 60 hours learning on it. As a yoga teacher, it is helpful for you to remember that the reason to discuss anatomy is to facilitate healthy practice and help you to make clients understand what is going on in the body. Our course is around following points

  • Body Organ functions
  • Body Movements
  • Bones of the Body
  • Joints of the Body
  • Muscles of the body
  • Spine structure, composition and its function
  • Muscles in action during yoga asana

Communication Skill

Communication skills are essential in business and in life. One must feel comfortable and confident while communicating with customers, colleagues, prospects, clients or any one. When we discuss yoga, during a session silence is additionally required so in our training on communication skills we teach to communicate using body language and by action same time during interacting with client we need to understand his need and our good communication only converted into great results. This course is designed to make a trainer to understand the need of client happiness our methods make you learn all basic communication skills for your role as YOGA INSTRUCTOR. Our course focuses primarily on oral communication skills and partially on written communication skills. As a Yoga instructor, you will learn following in this course…

  • Effective Communication with colleague, individuals and groupss
  • Presentation Skill and Public appearance
  • Public speaking skill
  • Communicate messages for memorable way
  • Client handling
  • Write up for yoga events
  • Communication for subconscious mind

Our hyper-efficient methods on teaching on communication skills make you expert and build your confidence. Our course duration is 30 hours during your yoga teacher training program

Personality development

Yoga plays a critical role in development of positive emotions. It brings emotional stability. During Yoga teacher training program development of personality is an automatic process learning and performing yoga asanas increases personality of you’s still we work to develop your personality on some points. These are important to you as a yoga instructor. Personality development means developing personality.

  • Attitude: Your attitude is your brand. Training to build a positive attitude in you
  • Success: Success by your behaviour, winning strategies for life.
  • Motivation: Motivation by self and surroundings
  • Goals setting: Planning to set goals and ways to achieve it.
  • Self-Esteem: training to increase your self-esteem.
  • Interpersonal skills: to increase your interpersonal skill
  • Dealing with subconscious mind: Importance and role of subconscious mind.
  • Vision: to draw your vision as yoga instructor Key to success
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