Anil Dhurka, 58 years, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: Sciatica Pain, L3-L4-L5 Disk nerve compression

Feedback: I started taking classes from YogaPeace from March of 2018 and what I found in the classes has kept me practicing consistently for the last four months. Since March to till 30th June I felt improvement of 70% in my disease cured as compare to earlier. YOGAPEACE teachers has a gentle spirit and serenity that transcends in classes

Purti Bhalla, 30 Years, Jaipur

Pregnancy Yoga

Feedback: Jaipur is my home town and for work I live outside. I have practised yoga at the yoga peace centre twice before life changing events – marriage and motherhood. I am grateful to Dhakaram Sir and the staff at the centre for their support during these key phases in my life. As a full term pregnant woman, practising yoga helped me to be more calm and peaceful.

Himanshu Pancholi, 33 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: -L4, L4-L5, L5-S1, Disc Desiccation, Disc Protrusion

Feedback: Highly recommended!!!
I had visited to several physiotherapist and also took complete bed rest to cure my bulging disc but the result was not satisfactory. Having learned about effectiveness of yoga on curing back pain i thought of giving it a try, so i joined Yoga Peace. To my surprise in just two months my pain is subsided to a great extend and i feel much better than before.

Pawan Sharma, 39 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: Blood Pressure, Nasal Polyps, Depression, Throat Block and loud snore.

Feedback: YogaPeace, such a wonderful ambience It’s a complete fitness center. I have come to know about YogaPeace through Malti Sharma who resides in Civil Lines. Before meeting Guruji, I have contacted to all ENT Doctors of Jaipur. When I met you I was suffering from loud snoring at night. I was using C. Pep. Machine due to lack of oxygen in night At that time because of Blood Pressure, depression and nasal polyps my throat was almost block, and all the doctors had the same opinion that it is very important to carry out the operation of the nose and throat.