Learn to teach yoga with emphasis on precision & alignment in the performance of asanas, detailed study of human body and its functioning. Once you complete this course you will have moderate knowledge of Yoga concepts & asanas teaching, enables you to take proper class of up to 50 people, and grooming for proper instructions in English language, gestures & postures.


1 Month 20 days

250 Hours

Salient Features:

Understanding & practice Ashtang Yoga, Shatkarm, Mudra, Bandh, Meditation, Hath Yoga, various Yogic paths, etc.
Therapy through Asana, Pranayam, Mudra, Nadi, Bandh, Diet, Fasting, Panch tatva Chikitsa
Therapy for basic to chronic diseases & critical illness
Study of human anatomy structurally & functionally
Understanding of Yoga & therapeutic effects of Aasans in scientific way
Combining Yoga & science and making it “Yogic Science”
Personality development & grooming, proper instructions in English, gestures & postures, Body Language, Critical Thinking, Leadership Skills, Listening SKills, Time Management, Teamwork, Decision Making
Take Yoga class of up to 50 people