Ekam Yoga Info Center

We offer to associate with Ekam Yoga and be the catalyst for better living of human being by illustrating them about YOGA and explaing them to use yoga props for doing tough yoga asanas in easy way.

We wish that Yoga should reach as many people as possible, many people now a day want to learn Yoga but don’t know the correct way & how to go about it. We offer you to be a social change agent and spread awareness about the importance of Yoga, making ease of doing yoga. We make available Yoga props with our associate/info center and we train you to use the props. Same time we update you with some general facts/knowledge about yoga.

After declaring 21st June as Indernational Yoga Day many Yoga enthusiasts look for a structured roadmap before deciding to make Yoga as a career. They need an assurance that Yoga can help them to earn a better way for good future. But, people generally don’t know whom to consult for the same. If you become an Ekam Yoga associate, all you need to do is connect such Yoga enthusiasts with us and from thereon we will take it forward.

By joining the Ekam Yoga Associate Program, you will be trained to be an Ekam Yoga associate of your area and be the guiding light for all Yoga aspirants in that area. During this program, you would be required to:

  • Create awareness about Ekam Yoga Academy in your area.
  • Your name and Photo with the city will be published on our website.
  • When a Yoga enthusiast comes across, you can describe the concept and motivate.
  • You will able to sale yoga props
  • You can guide a patient for treatments of lifestyle diseases.
  • You can guide and counsel the ones who are thinking to take up Yoga as a career or enterpreneuer option and connect them to us.
  • You can guide someone to a set up Modern Yoga Studio as franchise of Ekam Yoga.

Grab the opportunity to became an Ekam Yoga associate of your area.

Opportunists always grab an opportunity when they see one. Ekam Yoga is helping you grow and build a network and reap benefits through that network. Let’s bring about a social change together.

The idea is to grow together so that we can maximise each other’s success. Join our associate program and discover inspiring new ways to work and trade with us.

Basic Knowledge Of Yoga And Treatment Awareness

People joining as an associate of Ekam Yoga are given online training with audiovisual on yoga, by getting this training one get the basic knowledge about yoga and treatments through yoga. He is been given knowledge of using yoga props and different yoga programs of Ekam Yoga.


Yoga Props And Garments Selling Business Model

Typical Yoga asanas are to perform using yoga props. Ekam Yoga provides yoga props for selling. A detailed book on yoga props is provided to Associates of Ekam Yoga. It helps to explain on yoga props and its uses. Same time Ekam yoga Suggest clothes to be wore while doing yoga. All clothing are comfort to perform yoga asanas. A catalog of Yoga Clothing is provided for selling of yoga clothing. One can open a Store for selling of Yoga clothing and Yoga props. It’s a good business model to work with.

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