About Us

Ekam Yoga

Do you aspire to open a Yoga studio or take Yoga as a full-time career option? Then you have landed at the right place. At EkamYoga we believe that Yoga is practiced for various reasons, a healthy and a stress free life is one of the major reasons. Not just that, a lot of people have started taking Yoga as a full time career option.

Our sole purpose is to give proper guidance and training to aspiring Yoga instructors. At EkamYoga we provide you state of the art infrastructure, peaceful environment and guidance of veteran Yoga instructors to achieve your goals. EkamYoga not just gives you an opportunity to become a general Yoga instructor but a professional Yoga therapist too.

Our Vision

At Ekam Yoga, our vision is not just to train people in doing and teaching
asanas, but to become instruments of positivist that can inspire and
transform lives. To engage the members in activities of doing yoga that
benefits society is enormous. Now a days Yoga is popular everywhere.
People started to understand yoga as natural alternative of medicines. It
gives vision to expand the network of Modern Yoga Studios. Ekam Yoga
Studio is working with the vision of future, expanding network with
different models of Yoga studios. Technolodgy incorporation to make
ease of doing yoga and to get knowledge of yoga by technology plays
important role for future ready yoga studios. Ekam yoga is on way of it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make yoga training easily accessible to all. We promote
a healthy lifestyle and help our citizens discover themselves and unlock
their true potential. Mission is to reach maximum numbers of people to
enjoy them disease free life. A survey says world need of yoga instructor is
more then six lakh and India needs more then two lakh. We are on mission
to contribute maximum we can by establishing Ekam Yoga Academy in
Jaipur and in phase of expanding across globe. We took mission to make
nation Healthy by making people healthy. We say this as MISSION


Advisory Board

Dr. Sudhir Bhandari
Rajesh Nawalkha
Suresh Dhaddha
Shantilal Muttha

CA Mahendra Turakhia

CA Rajesh Jain
Er Dr Sandeep Sancheti
Sranik Singhvi
Nirmal Bhandari
Sudeep Jain
Rajendra Lunker
Sunil Golia

Our Team