Ekam Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian scientific art of maintaining a perfect balance between physical and mental health. While the word combines our physical, mental, spiritual and pious strengths. The literal meaning of "Ekam" is oneness, which shows the belief that our world is one family. Ekam yoga regulates with a motive to develop quality Yoga teachers/therapists as well as a vision to create yoga therapy centers to cure maximum participants with natural Yogic treatments.


As a yoga instructor, one must understand body anatomy and functioning of body. As a part of yoga teacher training program, we give knowledge on body anatomy by our experts. We give 60 hours learning on it. As a yoga teacher, it is helpful for you to remember that the reason to discuss anatomy is to facilitate healthy practice and help you to make clients understand what is going on in the body.

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Communication skills are essential in business and in life. One must feel comfortable and confident while communicating with customers, colleagues, prospects, clients or any one. When we discuss yoga, during a session silence is additionally required so in our training on communication skills we teach to communicate…

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Yoga plays a critical role in development of positive emotions. It brings emotional stability. It helps to control negative emotions. … Similarly, other principles of yama and niyama will help to develop positive emotions and attitudes in our personal and social life and therefore help in the management of emotions.

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Regular Yoga

This session has been planned in such a way that all the people whether young or old, fat or lean, healthy or unhealthy can get benefit. These asanas are old and time tested method of keeping body hea

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Slimming Yoga

Slimming programme includes: 1. Accurate food instructions 2. Useful exercise and asanas By these two factors we can not only reduce the body weight but also take care of body flexibility and toning

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Therapy Yoga

Yoga is not a medical process meant for only unhealthy people; rather anyone can practice yoga to lead a healthy life. And for all those who are unfit, cannot stand, sit or those who cannot practice y

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To know thyself is to know God. Delving into own consciousness and sub-consciousness, our soul aim is Self-Knowledge through Meditation. Meditation in an individual creates an effect which helps in sp

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